Collections Attorneys in Alabama – Who to use?

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Being Catholic doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t use a collection attorney,  when we need one!  We should consider the right thing to do in many uncomfortable situations, but one thing is certain – while we are meant to temper our reactions when stolen from we certainly have the right to defend ourselves with a collection agency!  Hiring an attorney to collect on any judgments obtained is well within our rights.  The collection process can be an arduous one.  We know because we have been through it ourselves.  As a result, we have decided to post this page in order to help those of you searching for the most highly qualified collections professionals available.  This page is intended to provide information on the collection process and to act as an information resource and for finding qualified help in each State.

Alabama collections Process

Collection attorneys, and agencies, in Alabama

Collection attorneys are attorneys who specialize in debt collection to help their clients recover their money where the client has been unsuccessful. Collection attorneys provide legal representation to help the client recover his full debt. A collection attorney in Alabama may also help a debtor who finds himself unable to pay his debt by protecting him from harassment by the creditor, court representation, providing legal advice etc.

How to find Collection attorneys in Alabama

1. Recommendations- Ask your friends and loved ones whether they know of any good collection attorneys in Alabama they can recommend. Or maybe you know of a attorney in town who can recommend you to a good collection attorney to help collect your debt

2. Certified referral service- You can call any Alabama bar certified attorney referral service. These services help clients find good and reputable attorneys for a small fee.

3. Online- Do an online search for reputable collection attorneys in Alabama. While at it, also check user testimonials and reviews to help you identify a good attorney.

4. Directories and local daily- Check the yellow pages or online directories for collection attorneys in Alabama. Many attorney s list their contacts in the yellow pages, online directories, magazines, and newspaper.

5. Client- lawyer matching services- To use this service search for client- lawyer matching services in Alabama. Several websites offer this service where clients post a short description of their case. Several attorneys then bid on the case for the client to chose.

What do Collection attorneys in Alabama do

· Debt collection- A collection attorney can help you recover a debt where you have been unsuccessful. When a debtor owes you money, you can either choose to have a collection agency do the debt recovery for you or you can hire a collection attorney. Hiring a collection attorney is preferable since either way you will need to hire a attorney especially if he debtor is dodgy. An attorney can help collect your debt and file a lawsuit if necessary

· Representation in court and handles paperwork- Collection attorneys Alabama represents their clients in court in cases where the debtor has refused to pay or denies liability. A good attorney will file a lawsuit, represent you in court and handle all the necessary paperwork

· Legal advice- When a debtor does not want to pay, collection attorneys can advice on the way forward towards recovering your debt. The lawyer might attempt to talk to the debtor and if all fails he can help you decide the way forward.

· File a lawsuit on client’s behalf- Debt collection agencies only pressure the debtor to pay up. A collection attorney on the other hand can file a lawsuit in case the debtor fails to pay and help you recover your debt within the shortest time possible

Why you need Collection attorneys

You may need the services of collection attorney as the creditor or the debtor. As the debtor, hiring collection attorneys can help recover your debt within the shortest time possible, represent you in court in case the debtor denies liability and offer legal advice where necessary.


As a creditor, you may want the services of collection attorneys to avoid unfair treatment from creditors, when you have been sued for failing to pay up or when you have been unable to pay back the debt completely.

Debt collection process

The collection process starts with the creditor. When a debtor fails to pay his debt within the stipulated time, the creditor sends him a letter reminding him to pay the debt. If the debtor does not respond after thirty days, a collection attorney comes in handy at this stage.


The collection attorney begins by asking the debtor to pay the debt. The debtor may pay up before a lawsuit is filed for fear of being sued. If the debtor does no pay up, the attorney will go ahead and file a Lawsuit.


After filing the petition, the debtor is called upon to appear in court, if he fails, the judgment is passes automatically. The debtor may admit to owing the debt or may dispute the debt. If they admit to owing the debtor is ordered to pay the full amount owed, fine and other additional fees as applicable within a stipulated time, failure to which may lead to sale of his property or assets to recover the debt. If the debtor disputes the debt, the collection lawyer on behalf of the creditor uses his experience and knowledge about assets and debts to ensure that his client gets the best possible settlement. If all goes smoothly, the creditor is able to recover his full amount plus any additional amount that is fined the debtor for defaulting the debt.

Whether it is through a collection agency or another channel you should consider hiring a reputable, experienced, reliable, and skilled collection attorney in Alabama. Depending on the attorney, you can pay a contingency fee or an hourly rate for services rendered. A collection attorney can help in the recovery of your debt where you have been unsuccessful.



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